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Rebecca Parfitt has worked in publishing for over a decade. She began her career in London, working predominantly in magazines and now lives and works in Cardiff. She was also editor of an anthology of Gothic fiction: ‘A Flock of Shadows’ published by Parthian in February 2015. She was also nominated editor of the month by Parthian in February 2015.

Rebecca is also a writer and has published poetry and short stories. Her first poetry collection The Days After was published by Listen Softly London in April 2017. She is a recipient of the Hay Festival Writers at Work residency. She loves ghost stories, the strange, the uneasy and the macabre; as well as hats, Berlin and the sea. In her free time she can be found at the circus, usually hanging upside down on the ropes…


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The Assistant Editor

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Rhys Owain Williams is a writer and editor from Swansea, Wales. A subscriber since The Ghastling crypt first cracked open, he joined the team as Assistant Editor in 2018. In addition to all things ghastly, Rhys is interested by folklore, urban myth and psychogeography. He lives in a terraced house near the sea with his partner and a black cat named Poe.

A writer of poetry, fiction and non-fiction, Rhys’s short story ‘The Office Block’ was selected as one of thirteen stories for Rebecca’s contemporary gothic anthology A Flock of Shadows in 2014. His first poetry collection will be published by Parthian in 2018. Rhys also runs The Crunch – a multimedia poetry magazine comprising an online repository of videos and regular podcast (www.crunchpoetry.com).



The Art Director



Nathaniel Winter-Hébert runs his studio Winter-Hébert (with wife Catherine), from the wilds of rural Quebec, where it’s not uncommon to see deer walking past his window on any given workday.

‘Like most aspiring designers, I did my time at several Toronto agencies, putting in long hours as dues in my climb from junior designer to creative director. After several years, I decided that I wanted to work for myself, taking the leap towards creative independence with projects that inspired me, so I packed up my Toronto apartment and headed for the hills, quite literally.’

Nathaniel now works within the arts and culture sector with a focus on graphic design, editorial, visual identities, typography and all things print related. His greatest inspiration is drawn from Modernism, with an emphasis on typography, hierarchy, and concise, effective composition, but he still flirts with the vast wealth of design history for lost ideas and novel approaches.

When he’s not chopping wood or canoeing to the grocery store, Nathaniel can be found with his nose buried in old type specimens whilst his sparrow children sit upon his shoulders.





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