The Ghastling: Book One

Paperback | 52 pages | April 2014

The very first issue of The Ghastling: a magazine of ghosts, the macabre and the oh-so peculiar that pays homage to the all-fiction pulpwood classics and penny dreadfuls of yesteryear.

Includes stories from Linda Clark, Fay Franklin, Carly Holmes, Storm Jones, Amber Massie-Blomfield, Paul O’Connell, Marged Parry, Roberto Pastore, Christina Thatcher and Michael Young.

ISBN-10: 1497363667 | ISBN-13: 9781497363663 | ISSN: 2514-815X

“I found myself sinking deeper and deeper into the couch with each page turned. The writing of every story was exquisite…suitably tingling my spine.”

Wyrd Words & Effigies

Others Were Haunted By