Submissions Open on March 1st!


Image by Anouk van der Meer. Copyright Anouk van der Meer.

What to do next?

  • Read the detailed submissions guidelines on the website
  • Read the magazine, get a feel for us and what gets us going
  • Wait for March 1st and then submit up to 3,500 words along with a very short biog to,

Artists & Illustrators – we want you! But please email the editor first to discuss and provide a little example of your stuff.

We don’t mind if you have published/never published anything before – what matters is the quality of your work.

Please note: It is regrettable that we still don’t have the money to pay our contributors – we can only pay in hauntings. This is however something we hope to change and supporting the mag by purchasing a copy will go a long way towards making this happen.

ghastling%20001Image by Anouk van der Meer. Copyright Anouk van der Meer.

The above images were specially created for us by Anouk van der Meer – inspired by the story ‘At the Windows’ from Book Two.

‘Anouk van der Meer is a Dutch Illustration Design student who is currently studying at the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Zwolle. She is fascinated by the strange things in this world and focuses on double layers when illustrating, trying to give illustrations an otherworldly feeling. She wants the viewer to use his or her imagination when looking at the illustrations, making them wonder about what is happening in the pictures.’

Find her on Twitter: @AnoukvdM