One More Week Till Launch…

The Ghastling

Only one more week left till Book Four is released to the World! If you want to ensure you receive a copy please pre-order before the 30th of July  HERE


A little introduction to whet your appetite:

Carly Holmes’ macabre, Dropped Stitches, resonates with the Brother’s Grimm and is the story of a girl born with an extra two fingers on each hand, born to a mother without four of hers… Mordechai Lazarus’ Butcher’s Stump is a horrifying tale of religious piety, folkloric in narrative, the story of a Butcher and his son that uncovers the chilling consequences of rebelling against your parent’s wishes – and being caught out… Subashini Navaratnam’s disturbing tale of motherhood, nods to far Eastern mythologies and folklore – beware of those assuming the female form, the shape shifters we must be careful of around these parts. Horror at its best. Nigel…

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