The Ghastling’s Best Baby Names For Vampires…



So you’ve sucked the life out of each other and now you’re bringing another little blood-sucker into the world. So what do you call them? Here are some ideas for your little horror…


For Girls:

  1. Carmilla or, Mircalla – the female vampire from Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu’s early Gothic novella, Carmilla, pub. 1871-72.
  2. Lilith or, Lilitu – from ancient Babylonian. She was considered a demon, often subsiding on the blood of babies.
  3. Ashmodai – Jewish, daughter of the demon king who snatches the breath of a man who has betrayed her.
  4. Lamashtu – Babylonian goddess with vampiric tendencies.
  5. Amaia – Basque for End.
  6. Kali – Indian for Dark Goddess.
  7. Koko – Native American for Night or Black Foot.
  8. Persephone – Old Greek for bringer of death, queen of the underworld.
  9. Malvolia – Italian for ill-will.
  10. Zillah – Hebrew for shade,shadow, gloom.


For Boys: 

  1. Dip – Catalan myth, evil vampire dog.
  2. Izcacus – Hungarian meaning blood drinker.
  3. Brandeis – German, meaning dweller on a burned clearing.
  4. Brone – from the Irish, meaning sorrowful.
  5. Eilif – Scandinavian for immortal.
  6. Karayan – Armenian for ‘the dark one’.
  7. Lefu – African for Death.
  8. Paris – From Greek mythology, Abductor.
  9. Tariq – Arabic for night visitor.
  10. Riri Yaka – Sri Lankan blood demon. He tore his mother’s breast and emerged into the human world as a demon killing her.


So many good ones, which one will you choose…?! For more, see here: Vampire names and Vampire folklore