The Ghastling: Book Six

Paperback | 66 pages | October 2017

The Ghastling’s sixth issue explores the uncanny, the surreal, the dark reaches of the imagination and the space between the ordinary world and the folklore and superstition that hangs around in the peripheries of daily life.

Includes stories from Reggie Chamberlain-King, Robert Davies, Neil Gravino, Laura Maria Grierson, Carly Holmes, Phil Jones, Chip Limeburner, Louise Lloyd and Gary McCrossan.

ISBN-10: 0993499139 | ISBN-13: 9780993499135 | ISSN: 2514-815X

Book Six [UK inc. P&P]: £10.00

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Book Six [Europe inc. P&P]: £14.00

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 Book Six [Rest of World inc. P&P]: £16.00 

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“The Ghastling calls itself a ‘modern-day penny dreadful’, but its production values are far higher than that implies.”


Robert Davies reads an extract from his Book Six story ‘The Caller’

Others Were Haunted By