The Ghastling: Book Seven

Paperback | 76 pages | April 2018

The Ghastling’s ‘Monster’ issue celebrates the bicentenary of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, featuring ten stories with their own interpretations of ‘monster’ from the imaginings of today.

Includes stories from Mark Blayney, Ewan Hannah, Nigel Jarrett, Catrin Kean, Chip Limeburner, Kevin O’Connor, Tina Rath, Charlotte Symons, Jess Thomas and Mat Troy.

ISBN-10: 0993499147 | ISBN-13: 9780993499142 | ISSN: 2514-815X

Book Seven [UK inc. P&P]: £10.00

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Book Seven [Europe inc. P&P]: £14.00

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 Book Seven [Rest of World inc. P&P]: £16.00 

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“The Ghastling calls itself a ‘modern-day penny dreadful’, but its production values are far higher than that implies.”


Catrin Kean reads an extract from her Book Seven story ‘Birdcage’

Others Were Haunted By