The Ghastling: Book Sixteen

Paperback | 78 pages | Due out Halloween 2022

This sixteenth issue of The Ghastling features 9 tales of haunted dolls, incantations, doppelgängers, unsettling children, murderous mermaids and plenty of ghost stories (even the book itself seems a little possessed, if I’m completely honest.)

Includes stories from Vincent Endwell, Hannah Mariska, Mathew Gostelow, Chloe Gambell, Amanda Moussa, Damien B. Raphael, Mari Ellis Dunning, William Nuth & David Hartley with guest illustrations from Andrew Robinson & Alex Stevens

ISBN-13: 978-1-8381891-5-0 | ISSN: 2514-815X

“The Ghastling calls itself a ‘modern-day penny dreadful’, but its production values are far higher than that implies.”


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