The Ghastling: Book Thirteen

Paperback | 74 pages | April 2021

The Ghastling’s thirteenth issue features tales of strange visitors, unnatural children, canny and uncanny animals and lost souls trapped between our world and the next.

Includes stories from William Burton McCormick, Kaitlynn McShea, Lena Ng, Damien B. Raphael, Megan Stannard, Emily Ruth Verona, Beanie Aurora White, Nick Ryle Wright and Ann Wuehler.

ISBN-13: 9781838189112 | ISSN: 2514-815X

“One of the things that’s absolutely wonderful about this book is the sheer variety to the types of stories on offer…some feel like gothic stories, things from hundreds of years ago, whilst others feel incredibly modern, and take a new approach to their narrative. Some show us the less frightening side to the supernatural, whilst others are designed to chill.”


Others Were Haunted By