The Ghastling: Book Nine

Paperback | 78 pages | April 2019

Step Right Up And Get Your Tickets! The ninth issue of The Ghastling offers family fun, wild animals, supernatural illusions and much, much more for one night only!

Includes stories from Annie Greene, Lucie McKnight Hardy, Chip Limeburner, Christopher Long, Dan Mitchell, Nia Morais, Damien B. Raphael and Josie Turner.

ISBN-10: 0993499163 | ISBN-13: 978-0993499166 | ISSN: 2514-815X

Book Nine [UK inc. P&P]: £10.00

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Book Nine [Europe inc. P&P]: £14.00

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 Book Nine [Rest of World inc. P&P]: £16.00 

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“Absolutely in love with this charming little horror magazine: a collection of spooky short stories that are so bite-sized and easy to follow, accompanied by an amazing aesthetic.”

Jayanne, Goodreads

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