The Ghastling needs your help!

Dear Reader,

I am writing this post to ask for some help. A little over a year ago I set up a page on Patreon, in the hope that I could raise some money to develop The Ghastling. We have so far reached a monthly sum of $67/£55 from the generous contributions of 17 magic individuals (see dedicated page on our website for who they are). I am now approximately $33/£27 away from reaching my first goal of $100/£82 a month. Reaching this goal would enable us to pay our contributors for their stories.

We are a few weeks away from celebrating a big milestone – publishing our tenth issue! And wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could celebrate another too?

I’ll let you into a little secret: My full-time job is mother to a baby Ghastling (little girl) and it may surprise you to know that I have a mere 10 hours a week dedicated to working on the magazine. That is it. I have many plans and big ideas for the development of this magazine but I need a little help to break the back of the beast! For example: I would love to be able to afford to commission reviews and articles – an area still in need of development. And to be able to give myself more time to work on The Ghastling.

So if you’ve read all this and would like to contribute to the future of this much coveted magazine, please consider supporting us. The price tiers range from $1/81pence – $20/£17. In return for your patronage we offer magazines, writing prompts, previews, interviews, exclusives and special giveaways. Recent interviews have been with Lucie Mcknight Hardy and Annie Greene. Plus it is a place where you can really have a say on the direction of the magazine.

If we reach this goal before Hallowe’en ALL patrons will receive some very special artwork from the 10th issue.

Thanks so much for reading,

spiders, cobwebs and shivers to you all,

Rebecca Parfitt


The Ghastling