Book 10 is now available for pre-order!

Dear Ghastlings,

Here is the much anticipated story lineup!

We were really spoilt for stories this time around – there were so many good ones but these were the toffee on the Hallowe’en apple:

In Ann Wuehler’s ‘The Little Visitors’ a house on Garwood avenue is visited by trick-or-treaters, nothing out of the ordinary there, right? But look closer, something is very, very wrong. In Christopher Long’s story ‘The Cleanest Cut’ number 10, Chapel Close is unnervingly noisy with rattles and floorboard creaks, but it’s the garden you should be wary of. In Ellen Davies’ ‘Woman Downstairs’ a woman longing for a baby experiences a time-slip – or is it? In Carrie Hardman’s ‘The Missing List’ a community is afflicted by the disappearance of their youngest children. Nobody knows why or who is taking them. Annie Greene’s chill-to-the-bone story, ‘Monster in a Box’ tells of a single woman sending off for a mail-order monster that can be moulded into whatever form she desires. Her creation fulfils more than she could dream of. Dan Coxon’s ‘Ones and Zeros’ tells of a troubled programmer’s arrival at her new home – is the house really moving? Or is it just her imagination? Who are the ten little boys that watch Dafydd outside his window in Alys Hobbs’ ‘Cross the Beck’. Something happened to Amy Shelling and she has returned after ten years away. But how has she changed? Make sure you look at her photograph very carefully, in David Hartley’s story, ‘The Incorcist’. In Verity Holloway’s tale ‘Florabelle’ a photograph stolen from the pocket of a dead girl’s father unfolds a series of unnerving events in this wonderfully atmospheric Christmas ghost story. Catrin Kean’s ‘Sirens’ is a chilling story that tracks the journey of a girl running away from something dreadful. She finds herself at the edge of the sea in a strange hamlet of abandoned and dilapidated houses. But she is not alone.

I guarantee these stories will stay with you, they may even follow you around for a bit if you’re not careful.

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