Ghastling News

Dear all,

We have decided to extend the deadline for the novella competition to the 20th September 20. This is due to the impact of the pandemic on our lives both personal and professional. With the current uncertainty surrounding bookshops, suppliers, bars and cafes being closed etc., we want to give our winning author the very best chance and opportunity to have their book read, enjoyed and celebrated. Due to the extension of the deadline we will be reviewing the earliest possible date for the release of the book with the above in mind. This will be discussed with the winning author and announced when, a. the closing date has passed and b. when we have a clearer message from the government about lockdown restrictions. We hope that you will understand and that you will also make the most of the extra time given!

We have also experienced a number of unforeseen difficulties due to the pandemic on the release of Book 11. It is at the printers and I anticipate it will be arriving with subscribers by end of May at the very latest.

Thank you all for being here and for your patience and understanding.

We wish you all well. Stay safe,

Rebecca Parfitt