Our new shop has opened!

I have some happy news! the much anticipated, long awaited new issue, Book Eleven, is now available to order on our brand new virtual shop! (estimated delivery 22nd May)

This is our first fully illustrated edition and I assure you, it will not disappoint! It features the following cracking stories for your delight:

Timothy Granville’s story, events take a strange and sinister turn for a group meeting in a disused care home for pre-night out drinks but there is one member, the story’s namesake, ‘Mark’s Friend’ who nobody is quite sure of – is he Billy or Bobby or something… ? In Steven Sheil’s tale, Case, some lost luggage finds its way back to its owner who is pleased until she notices something inside it move.  In Christopher Long’s story, ‘What will the Silence Bring’ an old, rare computer game is the centre of a relationship’s demise leaving you wondering where the blurred reality between real life and ‘the game’ really is. Hailey Piper’s, What the Girls are Doing, bereaved sisters call a séance for their deceased mother but the event reveals a more sinister plot. In Carrie Hardman’s, Changed, a recently widowed young mother starts to notice changes in her baby son in this deeply disturbing folk horror. Tim Jeffrey’s story, The Path Through the Woods, a man down on his luck returns to a familiar haunt of his childhood to reconnect with the ghosts of his past. But what were the circumstances that brought him here? Mat Troy’s, Laughing Cavalier, an ancient Tudor inn hosts a resident ghost, but that’s not what terrorises the current landlord, there’s something down there, in the cellar, in the well… Drew Nicks’ story, Down by the River, set in the time of the frontiers, a group of white trappers hunting on Native American soil suspect something is messing about with their traps – stealing whatever was caught. They commit a heinous act and a horrifying series of events follows. It is clear the landscape and the water is turning on them, and cursed they should be…

These tales also come with accompanying artwork and poetry by Leona Preston and Anouk van der Meer

These are tough times and we hope this latest issue will bring you some joy (in a macabre sort of way). Be sure to get your copy by ordering HERE

All the best,

Rebecca, Rhys & Nathaniel