The Ghastling: Book Eight

Paperback | 68 pages | October 2018

The Ghastling’s ‘Dark Season’ issue, compiled especially for Hallowe’en and Samhain, features nine stories that reflect the traditions of this season, both ancient and modern.

Includes stories from C. L. Hanlon, Alys Hobbs, Catrin Kean, Kristy Kerruish, Callum McKelvie, Damien B. Raphael, Mark Sadler, Florence Vincent and N. A. Wilson.

ISBN-10: 0993499155 | ISBN-13: 9780993499159 | ISSN: 2514-815X

Book Eight [UK inc. P&P]: £10.00

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Book Eight [Europe inc. P&P]: £14.00

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 Book Eight [Rest of World inc. P&P]: £16.00 

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“The Ghastling calls itself a ‘modern-day penny dreadful’, but its production values are far higher than that implies.”


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