The Ghastling: Book Ten

Paperback | 84 pages | October 2019

Ten tales of the macabre to celebrate The Ghastling’s tenth issue, accompanied by a look back at Channel 10’s 100 Years of Horror.

Includes stories from Dan Coxon, Ellen Davies, Annie Greene, Carrie Hardman, David Hartley, Alys Hobbs, Verity Holloway, Catrin Kean, Christopher Long and Ann Wuehler.

ISBN-10: 099349918X | ISBN-13: 9780993499180 | ISSN: 2514-815X

Book Ten [UK inc. P&P]: £10.00

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Book Ten [Europe inc. P&P]: £14.00

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 Book Ten [Rest of World inc. P&P]: £16.00 

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“I thoroughly enjoyed both the chance to read tidbits of new authors’ spooky writing [and] the visual experience that one delves into when consuming The Ghastling.”

Jayanne, Goodreads

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